ROLF Reports the 2013 Financial Results

ROLF Group, one of the leading Russian auto dealers, today announced its financial results for the full year 2013.  Revenue amounted to 103.5 billion rubles; consolidated adjusted EBITDA amounted to 4.7 billion rubles, net profit amounted to 1.6 billion rubles. Mitsubishi distribution finished paying royalties for using the ROLF trade mark. Depreciation of new dealershipsincreased in addition to the above. All of these measures were the reasons for a fall in net profit.
The data does not include the financial results of Mitsubishi ROLF Import and Rolf’s logistics company SCS.
The revenue of the retail division went up by 26.2%, the EBITDA increased by 21.79%.
Igor Salita, ROLF Group Chief Executive Officer commented on the 2013 results: “In 2013, the Group of Companies" Rolf "showed good performance, and our financial results fully meet the targets that have been identified by management of the company. Our services income defrayed the revenue expenditure. We achieved excellent results thanks to the progressive realization of the long-term strategy of the Group”.