ROLF Group to strengthen its Mitsubishi Distribution Business

Moscow, 16 January 2013 – ROLF Group to sell 18% of ROLF Import to Mitsubishi 
Motors Corporation (MMC) and Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), to strengthen Mitsubishi 
Motors distribution business in Russia and take it to a brand new level. 
Through the transaction, MC and MMC hold 49% and 9% of ROLF Import respectively 
in order to reinforce ROLF Import’s business with their global expertise, while ROLF 
Group remains a 42% shareholder taking active part in the business development and 
continuing to provide ROLF Import with its 21-year cars sales and servicing expertise in 
the Russian market. 
This important change in the shareholding structure is the new stage of the deal started 
in 2009 when Mitsubishi Corporation became 40% shareholder of ROLF Import and the 
two companies launched their special alliance created for development of Mitsubishi 
Motors brand in the Russian market. 
All the 3 partners are confident that their joint efforts will contribute to strong 
development of Mitsubishi Motors in Russia furthermore.
Mitsubishi distribution has always been a core business for ROLF Group and Mitsubishi 
Motors brand in our country is very strongly associated with ROLF due to the 
company’s efforts made in the Russian automotive market during the last 21 years. 
‘The core reason to execute this new stage of the deal is to allow such a great business 
as ROLF Import to shift to a totally new level, - says Igor Salita, CEO ROLF Group. – 
This business now came to such a scale when, to develop further, it needs tighter 
involvement of our Japanese partners, which will be ensured by our new shareholding