ROLF Group Reports the 2015 Financial Results

Moscow, June 28
ROLF Retail announced its financial results for the year 2015. Revenue amounted to 114 140 million rubles, which is 12,9% less than in the year 2014 (by 16 960 million rubles). Consolidated adjusted EBITDA increased by 3,1% (by 238 million rubles). Net debt raised by 18.87% in 2015 (1,693 million rubles). The ratio of net debt / EBITDA at 31.12.2015 amounted to 1.35.
In comparison to 2014 net profit went up by 28,7% and amounted 4 690 million rubles (1 048 million rubles growth).

Tatiana Lukovetskaya, General Director, ROLF:
"Financial indicators of ROLF Retail in 2015 once again confirm the correct choice of long term strategy implementation. Increasing the portfolio of premium brands, technical service and priority development of used car sales, combined with costs reduction and low debt - all these measures have once again proved to be effective. In the result it helped to strengthen the leading position in the Russian automotive retail".