All-new Outlander PHEV in ROLF

ROLF presented the all-new Mitsubishi PHEV. Suddenly, Mitsubishi has something to shout about: the Outlander PHEV aplug-in hybrid SUV! It really is a noiseless and extremely fuel-efficient car. But that’s not all. The Outlander PHEV uses green plastics, made using the oils extracted from waste cashew nuts. Substituting petrol-based materials with the resin extracted from cashew nuts allows for the application in areas of the vehicle where high heat resistance is required and can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 12% compared to a conventional plastic. Mitsubishi also make use of sugar cane molasses in the production of floor mats. The fibres from the molasses are interwoven with polypropylene fibres to produce durable mats with high resistance to wear and heat, which reduce CO2 emissions by up to 15% compared with conventional production methods.