About the ROLF Group

ROLF Group of Companies - one of the largest market players of the automotive retail business in Russia. The privately owned ROLF Group of Companies is one of the key automotive market players in Russia. It is one of the largest importers and retailers of foreign cars in the country with more than 25 years of successful history and a market leader across key automotive businesses:

ROLF Retail - sells cars through its more than 45 dealerships in Moscow and St. Petersburg and includes its own loan & insurance agent ROLF Finance and BlueFish division responsible for used cars sales. 

MMC Rus - ROLF has built a largest independent distribution network in Russia, which has an exclusive agreement to distribute Mitsubishi vehicles in Russia until 2014. Since 2012 MMC Rus is a joint venture between ROLF Group, Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. 

ROLF SCS - is a leading Russian logistics operator with a focus on Finished Vehicles. It offers a full range of logistics services, including warehousing, port facilities and railway delivery. Since 2012 ROLF SCS has become a joint venture between ROLF Group and NYK, one of the leading global logistics provider.

Financial Services - since 2004 ROLF had proved itself a profitable partner in trade and consumer financial services. The Russian market leaders had chosen ROLF as a strategic partner.

The Group's strategy is coordinated by an experienced team. The senior management of each division are incentivized to identify opportunities and to pursue strategies for continued profitable growth as well as maintaining the highest standards of customer service that have become a benchmark for the market. In total, the group employs some 6 100 staff.

ROLF History

1991 | Sergey Petrov, together with several partners, establishes ROLF Co. Ltd. as a taxi and car rental business in Moscow; a few months later, ROLF is appointed an official service agent for Mitsubishi Motors.

1992 | ROLF starts sales of Mitsubishi new cars in Russia (sells 109 cars).

1994 | ROLF opens the first purpose built Mitsubishi showroom in Moscow.

1995 | ROLF starts distributing Mitsubishi cars to other dealers outside Moscow on a non-exclusive basis.

1997 | ROLF establishes its import business with Hyundai.

1998 | ROLF obtains official exclusive distribution rights for Mitsubishi in the European part of Russia (extended to the whole of Russia in 2003).

1999 | ROLF becomes the largest importer of cars into Russia by units; ROLF sets up its first Mitsubishi dealership in St. Petersburg.

2000 | ROLF agrees exclusive distribution rights with Hyundai Motor through a joint venture called "Carnet 2000".

2001 | ROLF opens its first non-Mitsubishi dealerships to sell Audi and Ford cars.

2003 | Sergey Petrov buys out last minority shareholders of ROLF.

2004 | New ROLF Group of Companies structure is established; Sergey Petrov becomes Chairman.

2005 | ROLF secures USD 350m syndicated loan facility for business expansion.

2007 | Sergey Petrov is elected Deputy of the State Duma. He leaves the Company as its Manager and Shareholder and completely transfers the ownership to a Cyprus trust in full accordance with the Russian legislation.

2008 | ROLF Group extends its Distribution operations into CIS countries, opens first official car dealership in Tajikistan.

2009 | ROLF extends Mitsubishi Distribution Agreement for further 5 years.

2010 | ROLF Retail extends the number of brands up to 10 with the opening of Toyota dealership in Moscow.

ROLF SCS opens the first regional terminal in Naberezhnye Chelny.

2011 | ROLF Retail to open its first Skoda dealership in Moscow and launch a new Lexus Yasenevo dealership.

ROLF SCS signs major contracts with BMW and Jaguar Land Rover.

ROLF Group and AAA AUTO to launch their partnership in Russia.

ROLF celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The White Service becomes an independent company, not affiliated with ROLF Group of Companies.

2012 | ROLF becomes an official Porsche dealer.

ROLF launches Hyundai DC in S.Petersburg.

Auto center Sophiyskaya had changed its location and name - now it's auto center Vitebskiy.

A new dealer center for Jaguar Land Rover was open in S.Petersburg.

NYK and the ROLF Group launched a Joint Venture in Russia - ROLF SCS (49%) and NYK (51%).

ROLF has signed a dealership agreement with Chrysler Rus. The total amount of car brands now is 15.

Since January 2012 Mitsubishi Distribution became a joint venture between ROLF Group, Mitsubishi Corp. and Mitsubishi Motors Corp.


2013 | ROLF opens second dealership Mercedes in Moscow

ROLF starts to work with Jaguar Land Rover

ROLF starts to work with Porsche in Moscow

2014 | ROLF starts to work with Alfa Romeo in Moscow;

2nd Jeep/Chrysler showroom starts to work


2015 | ROLF starts to work with UAZ in Moscow

ROLF opens second dealership Hyundai in S.Petersburg.